Deb P.

" I was recently introduced to your pool by my acupuncturist - I have been active my whole life but a spinal fusion and new knee have made exercising much more challenging.  I have swum for the past five days in a row and my back feel's amazing.  Your pool is a God send!  What an incredible gift you have given to the community.  Swimming will now be a daily ritual for me - I feel like a different person.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. "

Shelia F.

" I'm a newbie and was referred to this club by Peak Physical Therapy.  I'm so excited that it is a salt water pool.  Can't wait to start. "

Lynne M.

" It's a Dream Come True! "

Timothy G.

" Awesome pool.  I teach swimming lessons and lifeguarding there.  I'd recommend this pool. "

Gail M.

" I've been swimming at Swogjan Swim Club aka Betty's pool for a long time.  It's the best pool around for lap swimming. "

Kim B.

" So convenient and casual.  I feel like part of the family being able to show up at night, drop my money in the box and swim away.  Way better than a huge gym. "